Zorn In America – Book Report

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A Swedish Impressionist of the Gilded Age

Between the years 1893 and 1911, the influential Swedish artist Anders Zorn made seven trips to the United States, traveling widely and crafting portraits of some of America’s most prominent figures, including Grover Cleveland, William Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Andrew Carnegie. These sojourns helped solidify Zorn’s standing at the time as one of the era’s greatest and most in-demand artists, and brought to Anders and his wife Emma many lifelong friendships. Yet very little has been written about these important visits, until now.

With Zorn in America, William and Willow Hagans present for the first time in English the definitive chronicle of Anders Zorn’s travels to the United States. The result of twenty years of research, and enriched with over 120 paintings, etchings, and photographs—including many rarely-seen artworks drawn from private collections—Zorn in America delivers a compelling and overdue chapter in the life of an artist who, in his time and beyond, was as well known to the American public as any other in the world.

“Zorn in America is the most complete record of the work of Anders Zorn in the United States. Few artists have captured their sitters with such splendor of brush and color as Zorn, yet many of his portraits of Americans have long remained obscured and hidden from public view. This significant book illuminates these relatively hidden portraits as never before.” —John H. Dryfhout, former director of the Saint- Gaudens National Historic Site.